The 46th harvesting and milling season of PT Gunung Madu Plantations (GMP) for the year 2023 has begun, and all departments are collaborating to produce good results, including the Independent Partner Farmers.

As part of the collaborative efforts with Independent Partner Farmers, PT GMP held a grand meeting for preparations of the 46th harvesting and milling season, which was attended by all representatives of Independent Partner Farmers from five districts: Central Lampung, East Lampung, Tulang Bawang, West Tulang Bawang, and North Lampung. The meeting was held in the Meeting Hall at Site A PT GMP on Tuesday, March 21, 2023.

Iwan Kurniawan S.T, as the Head of the Services Department, stated in his speech that both the quality and quantity of the harvested sugarcane should be the maximum result, so that the yield and the sugar obtained are satisfactory. During the occasion, he said that cooperation with Independent Partner Farmers must uphold mutual trust and mutual benefit. He hoped that the company’s targets, together with independent partner farmers, can be achieved in the 46th Harvesting and Milling Season. This is in line with the wishes of Independent Partner Farmers for this harvesting and milling season to obtain better results, blessed with favorable weather, and provided with safety until the end of the harvest

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