SMP Satya Dharma Sudjana, one of the schools under Yayasan Gunung Madu, succeeded in making achievements at the Junior High School Student Festival 2023 (SMP/MTs) held by MAN 1 Central Lampung on January 29, 2023 with theme “Trigger Creativity to Form Quality Students”.

The SMP Satya Dharma Sudjana contingent participated in all competitions: Science Olympiad, Social Science Olympiad, Mathematics Olympiad, English Speech (Da’i and Da’iyah), Photography, Tahfidz, Marching, and Futsal. Furthermore, SMP Satya Dharma Sudjana achieved to become the overall winner with five medals: 1st place in the English speech competition and Futsal competition, 2nd and 3rd place in the Mathematics Olympiad, and 2nd place in the Photography competition.

By participating in the competitions, the students of SMP Satya Dharma Sudjana would build a winning mentality, develop the cognitive aspects as required by the curriculum, and test their abilities. Becoming the overall winner, SMP Satya Dharma Sudjana demonstrated its quality was on par with other competitive schools outside.

Contacted separately, the vice principal of SMP Satya Dharma Sudjana for student affairs, M. Nur Ichwanudin, appreciated his students’ achievements. He said, “All of this is the result of the hard work of all students who took part in the competitions, as well as the role of the coaches and trainers who guided them during the preparation for the competitions.”

The chairman of the Yayasan Gunung Madu (YGM), Syah Ayu Dewi, truly appreciates the achievements of the SMP Satya Dharma Sudjana. She said that Yayasan Gunung Madu hoped that SMP Satya Dharma Sudjana and other schools under Yayasan Gunung Madu could continue to make achievements at the national and international levels.

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