In March 2022, the R&D Department of PT Gunung Madu Plantations (GMP) has started implementing ISO 9001:2015 which is the international standard for Quality Management Systems. This step goes hand in hand with the organization’s desire to consistently improve product quality and customer service.

There are five objectives of ISO certification and implementation. The first is to consistently improve product quality in meeting customer needs or satisfaction to support the company’s targets and goals. Second, it functions as monitoring, measurement, and evaluation tools to ensure the system runs effectively. Third, it enables the company to allocate more effective and efficient usage of resources (HR, infrastructure, environment). Fourth, it urges the company to maintain information in the form of notes, forms, and other well-documented documents. Fifth, it is able to increase the opportunities and commercial value of the R&D Department.

The application of ISO in the R&D Department covers all activities related to research in the field of sugar cane, production of natural enemies, ripener services, soil and plant laboratory analysis services. In carrying out operations, the R&D Department works closely with their customers, namely Plantations Department, Kemitraan Division, and Purchasing Division of PT GMP.

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