PT Gunung Madu Plantations (GMP) conducted training on sugarcane varieties for fifty partner farmers and field supervisors. The training, initiated by the Partnership Division, took place at Public Center Site A on Saturday, February 17, 2024. Present at the event were the Head of the Varieties Division of the R&D Department, Mrs. Endah Susiyanti, S.P., accompanied by the Head of the Partnership Division of the Services Department, Mr. Ngadiman, and his team. Currently, PT GMP’s partnerships include ten clusters spread across Central Lampung and its surrounding areas.

The training aimed to equip supervisors and farmer groups with knowledge about the characteristics of each variety, including: productivity, quality, planting months, ideal harvesting age, and resistance to pests and diseases. Officer of the Partnership Division, Deva Aziz Nanda Martin, S.P., explained, “A total of 50 farmers were invited. We selected five farmers from each cluster to attend the meeting and training.”

This training was the second of its kind, following a previous training session on weed control using preemergence methods. The training materials were customized to meet the needs of the farmers based on field visits. Mr. Deva said, “During the Partnership Division supervisors’ regular visits to farmers, several farmers inquired about varieties. Hence, we provided materials on varieties.”

Furthermore, Mr. Deva explained that the main varieties planted in farmers’ fields were quite diverse. The selection of the varieties was based on their tested quality and quantity. Farmers participating in the training should understand the strengths and weaknesses of the varieties they were familiar with. Therefore, the farmers could boost the productivity of their fields and increase their income. Mr. Deva hoped that farmers could implement superior seedlings by applying cultivation systems that support the improved quality of sugarcane seedlings.

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