On Friday, 23 December 2022, at Grha Swagata Gurna PT Gunung Madu Plantations (GMP), gold medals were awarded to 65 retired employees from six Departments: 32 retirees from the Plantation Department, 9 retirees from the Factory Department, 3 retirees from the R&D Department, 12 retirees from the Services Department, 7 retirees from the Human Resource Department, and 2 retirees from the Finance Department.

The medals were presented by representatives of the Board of Directors, Mr. Teh Choo Pong as the Financial Director, and Mr. Chong Seng Wai as the Operation Director. Different from the previous year, retirees’ families attended this year’s awarding of medals. At that moment, Mr. Teh Choo Pong said that the award event was held as a form of appreciation and respect from colleagues and friends to the retirees who would end their duties at the company as of December 31, 2022. On behalf of the leadership and management of PT GMP, Mr. Teh Choo Pong conveyed his thanks to all of the retirees.

“The dedication that you have given over such a long span of years, ranging from 14 to 36 years, is a period of service that we must appreciate. You made many contributions to the company. And of course, in such a long period of time there must have been a lot of crosses and discrepancies. For that, we apologize, both personally and as management,” he added.

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