The management of PT Gunung Madu Plantations (GMP), represented by the CSR Team, handed over CSR assistance in the form of two units of Mini Hydroponic Greenhouse (MGH) installations to Tanjung Anom Village in Terusan Nunyai District on Tuesday, July 4, 2023.

The Mini Hydroponic Greenhouse (MGH) is one of GMP’s economic CSR programs for Tanjung Anom Village. The company built two units of MGH installations with a total capacity of 2,000 planting holes in Tanjung Anom Village, which will be planted with vegetable seedlings such as green and red lettuce. Then, the MGH will be managed by village residents under the guidance of the Head of Tanjung Anom Village, Wasis.

At the handover event, GMP’s General Affairs Officer, Egi Wira Gala, expressed his hope that the MGH installations would be beneficial and become one of the suppliers of vegetable nutrition for the people of Tanjung Anom Village. Egi Wira Gala also said that the MGH installations in Tanjung Anom Village was a pilot project as well as an expansion of the hydroponic CSR program that was previously successful in Mataram Ilir Village, Bandar Surabaya District, Lampung Tengah.

The mini hydroponic greenhouse installation is one of GMP’s CSR programs that began in 2019. It began by providing training facilities to several village representatives around the company, which took place at the GMP site. After the training, these village representatives continued to practice hydroponic farming in their villages. If the program is successful, the company will implement similar programs in other villages within the GMP’s closest area.

The company chose mini hydroponic greenhouse as one of GMP’s CSR programs because it supports community agricultural activity by utilizing limited land, and this farming activity is expected to become a center for producing quality, fresh, and nutritious vegetables. GMP aims for hydroponic farming activities in Tanjung Anom Village and Mataram Ilir Village to benefit the village residents and serve as an additional economic source for the MGH controllers.

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