Gunung Madu Foundation (YGM) carried out the 2023 Mass Circumcision activities on July 10, 2023 at the Gunung Madu Primary Health Center Clinic, Central Lampung. This activity was attended by 24 children who were the guardians of the workers and supported by 13 medical personnel from the Clinic.

The head of YGM, Syah Ayu Dewi, expressed her gratitude for holding mass circumcision in 2023. This mass circumcision activity for employees is a routine agenda from YGM which is held every year “Hopefully the children who are circumcised today can recover soon and be healthy again” Apart from that, we also express our high appreciation to all medical personnel who have helped make this activity a success.

Head of the Pratama Health Center Gunung Madu Clinic, dr. Ricky Satriawan said that apart from religious recommendations, circumcision also provides many benefits from a medical perspective, because circumcision removes parts of the body which are hiding places for dirt, viruses, bacteria, and others that can endanger health.

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