PT Gunung Madu Plantations, through the Gunung Madu Cares program, assisted in the form of free eye examinations and distribution of glasses to thirty selected high-achieving students from SMPN 1 Bandar Mataram. The event took place at the auditorium of SMPN 1 Bandar Mataram Lampung Tengah on December 1, 2023. The people attended the event, including the Subdistrict Head of Bandar Mataram, Mr. Eko Meidianto, S.Pd, Vice Principal in charge of Student Affairs, Mrs. Vera, S.Pd, and the company representatives General Affairs Officer Mr. Egi Wira Gala and the coordinator of the Gunung Madu Cares Team, Mr. Sulistyo Putranto.

The program aimed to support the students’ learning environment and was warmly welcomed by the school as it marked the first activity conducted by the company in the area. Mrs. Vera explained that the school chose high-achieving students to receive assistance to enhance their learning spirit. She also expressed the school’s pride in receiving attention from the company. She prayed for the company’s smooth operations and hoped for even more benefits to the surrounding community.

The Subdistrict Head of Bandar Mataram, Mr. Eko Meidianto S.Pd, expressed gratitude for the company’s attention to high-achieving students in the Bandar Mataram Subdistrict. PT Gunung Madu Plantations was always a significant contributor to social, health, and economic agendas in Bandar Mataram. He hoped that the benefits of PT Gunung Madu Plantations’ presence would continue to be felt by the people in Bandar Mataram.

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