PT Gunung Madu Plantations (GMP) once again organized a social service activity by providing health check-ups in the Village of Bandar Sakti, Terusan Nunyai District, Central Lampung Regency on Sunday, September 8, 2023, in collaboration with Apotik Prima Sehat Bandar Sakti. The activity began with a group exercise session followed by health examinations for blood sugar, uric acid, cholesterol, and prenatal check-ups conducted by the medical team from the Gunung Madu Health Centre. A total of 271 patients participated in this activity.

As a representative of GMP, Iwan Kurniawan, the Head of the Services Department, stated that the company carried out the service activity as a form of concern for the surrounding communities, especially the residents of Kampung Bandar Sakti. He expressed that the company had concerns about the health condition of the residents, such as checking for potential diseases. He hoped the village residents could detect diseases early, increasing the chance of recovery. This is why the health examination program is one of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs outlined in GMP’s annual Care Program. He hoped the village residents could utilize this program effectively.

Darno, the Head of Kampung Bandar Sakti, conveyed his gratitude and appreciation to GMP and Apotik Prima Sehat for organizing free health check-ups in his village. He hoped that the company might continue to implement this activity. He also expressed thanks for GMP’s attention and concern, including the distribution of necessities, infrastructure assistance, distribution of additional food for stunted toddlers and pregnant women. GMP also provided other humanitarian aid and physical development assistance. He hoped that these contributions could be one of the paths to success and sustainability for the company.

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