PT Gunung Madu Plantations (GMP), through the Gunung Madu Cares program, organized a free health examination event in the SP1 area of Kampung Persiapan Karya Makmur Way Terusan, Bandar Mataram District, Central Lampung, on August 2, 2023.

The health examination in this event served 145 patients with the aim of early detection of potential health issues and disease prevention. Some examination activities conducted during the event included blood sugar testing, uric acid checks, cholesterol screening, and prenatal health examinations. In addition, GMP also organized a health awareness campaign with a theme of non-communicable diseases. After, the attending residents could consult with doctors and receive vitamin supplements.

Agung Santoso, as the Head of Implementation for Gunung Madu Cares in the Health Sector, conveyed in his address that this activity was carried out as a form of the company’s concern and contribution to the community, especially the residents of SP1 Kampung Persiapan Karya Makmur. Given that the current access to health facilities is relatively distant from the residents’ homes, he hoped that the GMP Cares program could assist the SP1 community in early disease detection by measuring cholesterol levels, uric acid, and others.

Edi Supardiyanto, who served as the Head of Kampung Persiapan Karya Makmur, expressed deep gratitude and appreciation to the company. He hoped that the free health examination activities could continue periodically. He stated that these activities greatly assist the SP1 community in examining the types of diseases they are facing at health facilities close to their homes, as previously, the residents had to travel hundreds of kilometers to reach the nearest hospital.

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