GMP through its social responsibility program called Gunung Madu Peduli (GM Peduli) conducted a social service event at the Srikandi Social Institution in Bandar Surabaya Subdistrict, Central Lampung on February 28th, 2023. The event was attended by representatives from GMP, including the Head of Services Department Iwan Kurniawan S.T., the Association of GMP Employee Wives (IIK), the Head of Subang Jaya Village Ahmadi S.Pd.I, and the management of the Srikandi Social Institution.

During the event, GMP distributed aid in the form of food supplies, mattresses, groceries, and some other supporting equipment directly handed over by GMP representatives. In his speech, Iwan Kurniawan S.T. expressed his hope that this program would benefit fellow human beings, especially the communities surrounding GMP. In addition to distributing aid, GMP also conducted health checks for the institution’s residents, read bedtime stories to the children by IIK PT GMP volunteers, and had lunch with the residents.

One of the IIK PT GMP volunteers, Mrs. Rona, shared her experience via WhatsApp and said, “I was struck seeing the resilience of the elderly people there who are still so enthusiastic about life and grateful. It’s like reminding us young people who often take our parents for granted, especially when we are busy with work. We don’t even have the time to send messages and ask about their well-being or buy their favorite food, yet we can make time for other matters. Sharing love means giving what we have in abundance. That’s why, for me, visiting the orphans and the elderly at the Srikandi Institution gives me extraordinary happiness.”

The Head of the Srikandi Social Institution, Ismiyati, said that the institution was established in 2007 for humanitarian purposes. To date, the institution houses 224 people, including people with disabilities, mental health issues, elderly people, and abandoned children. All residents of the institution were very happy with the visit of GMP team. The management of the Srikandi Social Institution expressed their gratitude, saying, “Thank you to PT GMP for the kindness shown through the social aid provided. May it be useful for our survival in the social institution.”

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