Clean water is a fundamental human need, making the availability of clean water sources essential for the surrounding community. This year, PT Gunung Madu Plantations (PT GMP) has provided two bore wells to the community of Gunung Batin Udik Village in Terusan Nunyai District and Mataram Ilir Village in Seputih Surabaya District.

The construction of these bore wells took place from February to March 2023, and they were handed over to the community through the village heads on March 28, 2023. The provision of these bore wells was carried out in response to requests from the villages due to the community’s water shortage for their daily water needs during the dry season, such as water for bathing, washing, and cooking.

Istiyahadi, the Village Head of Gunung Batin Udik, expressed heartfelt gratitude to the management of PT GMP for the assistance provided through these bore wells, as the residents no longer struggle to fulfill their water needs, especially during the dry season.

Egi Wira Gala (General Affairs Sub-Division), a representative of PT GMP management, stated that the provision of clean water is one of the priorities in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. He further explained that the presence of water is crucial for human resource development. The availability of clean water is a key factor in supporting the government’s program to accelerate the reduction of stunting in Indonesia. Therefore, this act of kindness must be preserved by the community for future generations. He hoped that the company’s assistance through the bore wells will be beneficial for the community.

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