PT Gunung Madu Plantations (PT GMP) held the Gunung Madu Cares Program with the theme of environmental care, distributing thousands of fish seeds in the Way Terusan creek, SP HTI (Industrial Plantation Forest) Trans, Mataram Udik Village, Bandar Mataram District on Monday, May 22, 2023.

The distribution of fish seeds was attended by Iwan Kurniawan, S.T (Head of Services Department at PT GMP), Lingga Damayanti (Head of UPTD Register 47 Way Terusan), Saibun (Head of Umbul SP Trans HTI), and Igus Suprihatin, S.P (Deputy Head of Plantation Department at PT GMP), along with the managers of the PT GMP East Area Plantation Department.

Iwan Kurniawan, S.T., representing the company’s management, stated in his speech that the activity of distributing fish seeds was one of PT GMP’s efforts and active roles in protecting the ecosystem and river health, as well as increasing river biota. On the same occasion, Lingga Sakti Damayanti, as the Head of UPTD Register 47 Way Terusan, expressed appreciation and gratitude for the company’s active role in the conservation of the environment in public waters, as environmental conservation is a shared responsibility, including with the community.

It is worth noting that the activity in the Way Terusan creek was also organized in commemoration of Biodiversity Day through collaboration between PT GMP, the surrounding community, and UPTD Register 47 Way Terusan.

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