PT Gunung Madu Plantations via the Corporate Social Responsibility Program or better known as CSR, handed out the third phase of additional food packages in Bandar Mataram District. The targets of the program are children below the red line and pregnant women with poor nutrition. This program is supported by the sub-district government and the Jatidatar Bandar Mataram Health Center.

This assistance is the third time in 2022. A total of 80 packages were given to pregnant women and 51 packages were given to children under five below the red line. Each package for pregnant women contains 4 boxes of milk for pregnant women, while each package for children under five contains 4 boxes of milk and 4 packs of complementary foods. Coupled with the gift packages for the children participating in the posyandu in the form of milk and regal biscuits.

General Affairs Officer of PT GMP, Egi Wira Gala said the program to accelerate the reduction of one of PT GMP’s CSR programs which has been programed in 2022, is in line with the SDGs (Sustainable development Goals) program from the Central Government which leads to villages to partake in the program’s success. One of PT GMP’s motto is to always grow with the community. We fully support this government program. We hope this program will be of mutual benefit, and the growth and development of children is our future together. PT GMP will participate in the community in an effort to improve Community Nutrition so that people’s welfare increases and the generation of Golden Indonesia in 2045 can be achieved.

Contacted separately, Head of Bandar Mataram sub-district, Ridwansyah S.IP really appreciates this program because it is very useful for children and pregnant women who are in need. The most important thing is to be fast and responsive in reducing stunting rates in Bandar Mataram District and in Lampung in general. We hope we can reduce the stunting rate as minimal as possible to zero stunting. Amen.

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